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(Conditions apply)
Includes GST, government registration fees and standard disbursements

Purchase – with mortgage $1495

Purchase – no mortgage $1395

Sale & discharge of mortgage $1425

Sale – no mortgage $1350

Purchase off plan or land being subdivided – with mortgage $2195

Purchase off plan or land being subdivided – no mortgage $2095

Refinance $1150

Variation of mortgage $735

Guarantee (per person advised) $350

In addition to base fee: Kiwisaver $250

In addition to base fee: Homestart (pre-approval completed) $275

In addition to base fee: Homestart (pre-approval not completed) $450

Preparing Agreement for Sale & Purchase  $450 – $650

Urgency Fee (see below)  $300

Additional payment unrelated to transaction (ie Q card/Gem cards)  $75 per transaction

These rates only apply to standard residential transactions between existing entities. Quotes are available for more complex transactions.

An Urgency Fee will be applied when the agreement for sale and purchase needs to be:
  a) confirmed within 3 working days of us receiving the agreement, or
b) needs to be settled with 5 working days of us receiving the agreement.
The urgency fee will be applied when a refinancing needs to be completed within 3 working days of us receiving the instruction from the client.

First Property Legal only deals with individuals; it does not deal with companies or Trusts.

These rates do not include advising on easements, covenants, cross-leases etc. registered on the title or building contracts. Estimates are available for this work.

A special quote is required for refinancing transactions over $700,000.00, and sale and purchases over $800,000.00.

Standard residential property transactions will not include legal advice on ownership structures, taxation, leases or commercial business issues.

Disbursements included in standard residential conveyancing transactions include forms and stationery charges, toll calls, faxes, emails, one title search, one guaranteed title search, one bank cheque fee or electronic funds transfer fee, LINZ registration.

Disbursements not included in a standard residential conveyancing transaction include, but are not limited to: LIM fee, cost of builders report or other structural reports, valuation fees, rates, body corporate fees.

If a comprehensive review of an Agreement for Sale & Purchase is required before signing, fees may apply – please ask us for more details. 

Details of the services First Property Legal provides for the standard residential conveyance fee are outlined in our Terms of Engagement.

For all enquiries regarding First Property Legal services, please contact: Reception 06 370 2563